The bike show "På två hjul" 2007
Pictures from the bike show

I want it...

really bad, please Inger?

Turbo-charge dads MT-01, dont think so... buy your own!

no, i am not impressed, not at all, really...

I'm not dreaming...

He is dreaming

Come, we have to go, i don't going to buy you one, that's for sure!!

Forget it, you don't like to be dirty!

Ninja 1000cc, you have to wait a time for that!

Now you are on track, ER-6 is cheap and good looking!

No it's not a Ninja, but we may afford it when the time comes!

Yamaha R1, not yet...

No, the MT-01 is for me, you little lightweight...

MT-03, it's more for you!

Yes i know that the SuperDuke will show me the back... but not with you riding!

Dream on...

Keep on dreaming, i said!

Like i said before, you don't like to be dirty!

Hear what i say to you!

You have to buy it for your own money!

Did you hear me?

Triumph, HAHAHA, its probably the lord of darkness built in it!

Check the lamps!!

No, i already have a Tiger between my legs...

Yes, i know its a Fireblade with 600cc, you have to wait some years!

No, you have to wait i said!

Please, come on!

I'm don't waiting, i go to the Fireblade 1000cc!!

Yes, this is nice!

Hmm, I am not impressed.

Yes, i know its your dream bike!

Yes, you told me a million times...

Please, come on!

Forget it, im going to buy one before you, but Inger doesn't know it yet...